Down The Rabbit Hole 2018 Festival Trailer

Merijn Hos, now in his fourth consecutive year in creating the campaign visuals for the festival collaborated with his brother, Jurriaan Hos in a still life/moving image adaptation of the imagery found in his artworks from previous festival campaigns. Sound design by Wilco Alkema.

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We are an illustration and creative consulting agency representing a very talented bunch of makers with magical fingers and incredible minds. These clever artists can take your ideas and breathe life into them, tell stories with them, decorate them, spell them out and build worlds with them. Watch your ideas turn into engaging visuals with the help of their limitless imaginations. Scroll through and check out our latest news here, or head to their individual pages for a more thorough showcase.

You can browse our artists folios and also download a showcase of all of our artists.

The Gift Hotel

There’s no need to shout to be heard, you can be drawn in by a measured pace and the feeling of discovery. Which is exactly what Six N. Five achieved when asked to showcase five exquisite items from the new Massimo Dutti collection.

‘The Gift Hotel’ is a series of five short films where the viewer is lead through enchanting halls, vast buildings and artificial shopping sets to discover something truly special.

Do you want the Six N.Five experience? Contact us and we’ll take you on a trip!

Architects of Beauty - Highpoint

A little teaser of a spectacular project Six N.Five has been working on with Highpoint and Cassette. Architects of Beauty is a very special beauty event running at Highpoint from 11-14th May consisting of beauty masterclasses, special guests and curated beauty boxes customised by favourite beauty influencers. We are pretty happy to have worked across the advertising collateral for this event and look forward to sharing more of the work soon as it releases.

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Maker's Mgmt welcomes Pâté

Maker’s Mgmt is pleased to announce our newest artist Pâté !

Pâté, (AKA Paul Pateman) tickled our fancy with his hilarious sense of humour and strong, simple visual aesthetic - we always like a bit of personality on the Maker’s Mgmt roster. A concept-driven artist, he previously worked as a creative director at two of London’s largest advertising agencies so he knows exactly how to take a concept and turn it into an award-winning piece! He’s won so many awards, over 130 (but who’s counting), including the coveted D&AD yellow pencil twice… it’s pretty safe to say your project is in good creative hands.

You should head over and check out his colourful folio here , and why not be the first to commission Pâté , we know Australia and New Zealand are going to love him. Get in touch

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